Decrease Your Angry By Write Blogs?

I am also angry about who are all having angry. Is this Right? No, it is not right.  Don’t get angry in any circumstances even if you are attacked , you could face some losses, somebody makes you angry and even if somebody comes to kill you itself don’t get angry.

Wait………Wait………..Wait…………Don’t start to Scold me! Listen~

I had only said don’t get angry to oppose somebody or something rather than I would say Think Smartly and apply and try to get the Success.


1) Do Yoga

2) Try to make others happy (this is the best way if you try to make others happy you always being happy)

3) Develop your admire ability

Keep Saying “All Our  Place; Every One Is Our Relatives;”

4) Think everybody as your friend

5) Don’t think about you enemies (Waste of Time)

In case you can’t control your Angry write that as a Blog it may decrease Half of the Half. Good Luck!

” All Our Place; Every One Is Our Relatives;”






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